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Sketching in the Galleries

The Orlando Museum of Art invites artists of all ages to partake in an inspiring afternoon of drawing and sketching in the galleries within the museum’s vibrant galleries. On select dates, the museum will provide a variety of drawing and sketching supplies, allowing visitors to express their creativity and engage with the art on display in a hands-on manner. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just beginning to explore your artistic talents, this program offers a unique opportunity to draw inspiration directly from the diverse collections and exhibitions at the museum.

This drop-in program is designed to be accessible and accommodating, requiring no pre-registration. Simply visit the museum, and once you’ve paid for gallery admission, you’re free to participate. The relaxed atmosphere encourages artists to take their time, move through the galleries at their own pace, and find pieces that spark their creativity. You can sketch the intricate details of classical paintings, capture the essence of modern sculptures, or simply doodle inspired by the vibrant colors and shapes around you.

This initiative aims to foster a deeper connection between visitors and the artworks, promoting not just observation but active participation. By drawing what you see, you can develop a more profound appreciation for the techniques and styles employed by the artists represented in the museum’s collection.

In addition to being a creative outlet, this program also serves as a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with family or friends. Bring your children and watch as they discover the joys of drawing, or enjoy a peaceful solo visit where you can immerse yourself in art and creativity. The museum setting provides a quiet and inspiring backdrop, perfect for focusing on your artistic endeavors.

So, come to the Orlando Museum of Art on these select dates, pick up some drawing supplies, and let the art in the galleries inspire your creativity. This enriching experience is free with your gallery admission, making it an excellent addition to your museum visit.


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