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Redland International Orchid Festival

Get ready for a blooming paradise at the Redland International Orchid Festival in Homestead, Florida, happening from May 17th through May 19th, 2024. Located at the Fruit and Spice Park, 24801 SW 187th Ave., this three-day extravaganza is a haven for orchid enthusiasts, boasting over 50 booths showcasing an array of colorful blooms. As the largest annual orchid show in the United States, this event has been a beloved tradition for over 25 years.

Step into a world of botanical beauty as you explore the diverse selection of orchids on display. From rare species to hybrid varieties, there’s something to captivate every visitor’s imagination. Whether you’re a seasoned orchid collector or simply appreciate the elegance of these exquisite flowers, the festival offers a unique opportunity to admire and purchase a wide range of orchid specimens.

But the Redland International Orchid Festival is more than just a showcase of floral splendor—it’s also an educational experience. Attend informative lectures led by experts in the field, where you can learn valuable tips on orchid care, cultivation techniques, and pest management. Take advantage of the opportunity to expand your knowledge and enhance your gardening skills.

In addition to the floral delights, the festival features a bustling marketplace where you can find supplies for your own orchid-growing endeavors. From potting materials to fertilizers, there’s everything you need to nurture your orchids to perfection. Plus, don’t miss out on the chance to participate in raffles and giveaways for the chance to win prizes.

As you wander through the festival grounds, be sure to indulge your taste buds with international delicacies from food vendors offering a tempting array of culinary delights. From savory snacks to sweet treats, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

Tickets for the Redland International Orchid Festival can be purchased online for $20, offering convenient access to this spectacular event. And while you’re in the area, be sure to explore the best that Homestead, FL, has to offer with our list of the 5 Best Things to Do. Don’t miss your chance to immerse yourself in the beauty of orchids and experience the vibrant atmosphere of this premier floral festival.


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